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4051 RADIO BROADCAST A Public Affair Presidential Politics 2012

4161 Tales From The Road

4162 Racism: Not a Pigment of Our Imagination

4163 How Our Genes Define Us

4164 Delayed Gratification in an Instant Gratification Society

4165 Homelessness and Addiction

4166 Afghanistan: An Eye for an Eye Leaves Everyone Blind

4167 Shakespeare Read vs. Shakespeare Said

4169 The Food, Energy and Environment Trilemma

4171 Music of the Americas, Music of the People

4311 Appearance Is All That Matters—The Disease of Perfection

4312 OMG, Politics in the Name of Heaven!

4313 Reduce, Recycle, Repair: Saving the American Dream

4314 The Next Scientific Revolution

4315 US Presidential Campaign: Soap Opera or Reality Show

4316 Netflix, eBooks, Hulu, Zite: The Rebirth of Media

4317 Military Governments

4318 The New McCarthyism

4319 Green Jobs for the Class of 2012

4321 Breaking the Financial Gridlock

4461 Poetry: It's What's for Lunch

4462 Capitalism's Next Act

4463 Women's Voices

4465 The Tipping Point: When Social Movements Become Revolutions

4466 The Future of 3D

4467 Thomas Jefferson and Rick Perry Agree: Term Limits for the Supreme Court

4468 Close Encounters: When and Where

4550 PLENARY A Positive Exposure: The Spirit of Difference

    1:30-2:20 on Thursday April 12, 2012
    Macky Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Roxane Ruggles

4611 Tell a Story, Change the World

4613 Status of Women and Girls Around the World

4614 Videogames Preparing Kids for War

4615 Transportation—Going Places

4616 Drugs: Enlightening, Illegal, Fun and Addictive

4711 Sports: The Way It Is, the Way It Should Be

4751 SCIENCE STORYTELLING An Apple Fell Into a Bar...

4762 Prisons: The Caging of America

4763 When Safe Places Turn Violent

4764 Entrepreneurship and Social Action

4766 Pakistan: The Most Dangerous Country in the World

4767 Read My Lipstick: Women in Elective Office

4769 Between Things Known and Unknown: The Nature of Perception

4831 EBERT INTERRUPTUS III Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

    4:00-6:00 on Thursday April 12, 2012
    Macky Auditorium

4861 Journalists Who Restore Trust

4913 The Art and Science of Eating

4914 Technology and Growth in the Developing World

4915 We the Angry People: The Tea Party and Occupy

4916 From Virginity Pledges to Nymphomania: Sex in College

4951 RADIO BROADCAST It's the Economy Eurocrisis or Eurorecovery