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4051 RADIO BROADCAST A Public Affair Melting Pot or Meltdown

4111 How an Idea Becomes Art

4112 Yes, We Cannibis

4161 Is Free Trade Fair Trade?

4162 The Roller Coaster Ride of Barack Obama

4163 The Slow Movement:

4165 Growing Up in the Dark: Alternative Energy Technologies

4167 When Psychotherapy Goes Wrong

4168 The EU’s Annus Horribilis

4211 1001 Arabian Rights: New Liberal Revolutions

4261 Pundits: The Luxury of Never Having to Govern

4301 ARTFUL DUET “I’ve Got the World on a String”

    11:00-11:50 on Thursday April 7, 2011
    ATLAS Black Box
    Panelists: Moderator: Millie Ramos

4311 Imagine Ireland

4313 Overselling Medical Science

4314 The Income Gap and the Rise of U.S. Poverty

4315 Humor

4316 Apps, Games and Brains

4317 Cultural Traditions: Women as Second Class Citizens

4411 Arizona: Coming to a State Near You

4461 Political Theatre

4462 Creative Economies

4463 Faith and Critical Thinking

4464 Where Have All the Manners Gone

4466 Superbugs and Pandemics

4467 The Civilian-Military Order: When Generals Control Congress

4501 ARTFUL QUINTET “The Sweetest Sounds”

4561 Climate Strange

4562 Safe Sects: Fringe Groups in America

4611 BRIC by Brick

4612 Genetics, the Future Is Now

4613 U.S. Immigration: Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

4614 Music, Our Refuge From Misery

4615 I See Dead People: Reforming America’s Election Process

4616 Engagement: The Philanthropy of Time, Energy and Money

4699 RADIO BROADCAST Metro Race, Diversity, Hip Hop Style

    3:00-3:30 on Thursday April 7, 2011
    KGNU 88.5 FM/1390 AM

4700A HOWARD HIGMAN MEMORIAL PLENARY Inside the Egyptian Revolution

    3:00-3:50 on Thursday April 7, 2011
    Macky Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Ryan Van Duzer

4761 Climate Change: Past the Point of No Return

4762 The Human Cost of Illegal Drugs

    3:30-4:50 on Thursday April 7, 2011
    UMC Center Ballroom
    Panelists: Moderator: Edie Hooton

4763 Comic Books Saved My Life

4764 The Leisure Economy: Tourism, Entertainment and Sports

4765 Shifting the Mission From Military to Humanitarian

4801 STORYTELLING Gods and Monsters

    4:00-4:50 on Thursday April 7, 2011
    Old Main Chapel
    Panelists: Moderator: Pat McCullough


    4:00-6:00 on Thursday April 7, 2011
    Macky Auditorium

4900A PLENARY Dead and Deadly Nukes: From Fukushima to Solartopia

    5:00-5:50 on Thursday April 7, 2011
    UMC Center Ballroom
    Panelists: Moderator: Paul Levitt

4911 Transportation: Riding High Speed to Recovery

4912 Anarchy in the USA

4981 RADIO BROADCAST It’s the Economy What Ever Happened to Global Warming