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2111 Writing for the Short Attention Span

2112 New Lifestyles of the Not So Rich and Famous

2113 Wounded Warriors

2161 Teaching What to Think or How to Think

2162 Revisiting Nuclear Power... or Not

2163 The Future of the UN and Why it Matters

2164 Filling in the Gaps: Philanthropy, Children, and the Arts

2165 Terrorism: Diverting the American People from Our Real Problems

2211 The Economy: Nightmare for the Next Generation

2311 Winning Islamic Hearts and Minds

2312 Brain Quirks

2313 What's Left Over for Philanthropy

2314 Geek Culture: Sci-Fi, Superhero Movies and Comic Books

2315 The Celtic Bards

2316 Gattaca: What Happens When They Know Your Genes

2450A PLENARY Yes, The UN Can!

    12:30-1:30 on Tuesday April 7, 2009
    UMC Center Ballroom
    Panelists: Moderator: Frank Bruno

2461 Gas's Last Gasp: The Post-petroleum Economy

2462 Wanted Dead or Alive: The Myth of the American West

2464 Information Technology and Nuclear Tensions

2561 If the Newspaper Dies, Who Will Print the Obituary

2611 Afghanistan: Where Empires Go to Die

2612 The Banker, the Borrower and the Housing Fiasco

2613 Genocide: Beyond Outrage

2615 Ethics in Government: LOL

2616 The Constitution: Not Just Another Piece of Parchment

2617 Rush Limbaugh

2761 Happy Bicentenary, Darwin

2762 Party of Poets

2763 Pakistan: Pandora's Box

2764 The Upside of the Downturn

2765 Coping with Illness: Hope as a Strategy

2800A PLENARY Mexican Drug War: Year of the Dead

    4:00-4:50 on Tuesday April 7, 2009
    UMC Center Ballroom
    Panelists: Moderator: Keith Maskus

2801 STORYTELLING Mercy into the World

    4:00-5:00 on Tuesday April 7, 2009
    UMC Aspen Room

2831 INTERRUPTUS I Chop Shop

2911 Dark Energy: Cosmic "Antigravity"

2931 RADIO BROADCAST Hemispheres Afghanistan and Pakistan: What's Next