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2101 ARIA Inside the Courtroom

    9:00-9:50 on Tuesday April 8, 2008
    Wolf Law Wittemyer Courtroom
    Panelists: Moderator: David Getches

2102 The U.N. and the Middle East: The Solution or the Problem

2103 The EU: Dissing American Dominance

2104 Health Care: A Right or a Privilege

2105 Morality: Nurture or Nature

2106 Do You Believe in Magic?

2107 Getting Out the Message: Advertising, Propaganda and Graffiti

2201 The Death Penalty on Trial

2202 Africa: Empowering the Disempowered

2203 Bizarre Beliefs

2204 Prosperity in Latin America: Build It and They Will Stay

2205 Loyalties or Issues: What Counts in the Voting Booth

2206 Pollution: Fouling Our Own Nest

2301 DUET La collaborazione sul palcoscenico (In Italian)

2302 Drunk, Anorexic and Pregnant: Celebrity Heroes

2303 Campaigning Online: How to Get Your Candidate Elected

2304 Poverty American-Style

2401 AIDS: A History Lesson

2402 Censorship: Who, How & Why

2403 Science: Who's Afraid of the Future

2404 In the Flesh: Human Trafficking

2405 The Power of Facebook

2406 Youth Activism: Going Beyond the Bumpersticker

2407 The Islamic Revolution: Living With the Fallout

2500A PLENARY Why Africa Is Poor

    1:30-2:20 on Tuesday April 8, 2008
    UMC Center Ballroom
    Panelists: Moderator: Keith Maskus

2501 DUET Defining Documentaries

2502 Facespace, JK!: The Generational Divide

2601 The American Dream: Living in Excess

2602 Everything Has a Narrative

2603 Political Change: Buzzword vs. Reality

2604 Abortion and the American Psyche

2605 Torture: When the Unthinkable Becomes Acceptable

2606A AL SMITH MEMORIAL PLENARY Exploring Dystopia: Nuclear Holocaust

2607 Foreign Policy: The Shape of Things to Come

2701 2008 Election: Don't Screw This Up, America

2702 Exporting Cookie-Cutter Democracy

2703 Naughty Tricks and Sexy Tips

2704 Water, Water Every Where, Nor Any Drop to Drink

2705 Great Scientists Are More Creative than Great Artists

2706 Waging Peace

2800 STORYTELLING Tower of Bagel

2801 Returning Soldiers

2802 Separation of Art and State

2803 LIVE BROADCAST Air America The Rachel Maddow Show

2804 INTERRUPTUS I No Country for Old Men

    4:00-6:00 on Tuesday April 8, 2008
    Macky Auditorium

2901 RADIO BROADCAST Hemispheres - Pakistanis Under Musharraf and the Bush Doctrine