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1000 RADIO BROADCAST A Public Affair - Why Chinatown

    8:35-9:00 on Monday April 9, 2007
    KGNU 88.5 FM/1390 AM

1100 Technology and the Artist

1101 Inconvenient Truths: Why Don't We Believe Our Scientists

1102 The Death of Literature

1103 Freedom Torture

1104 MyFace, YourTube, OurPedia

1105 The Economics of Legalizing Drugs: The Taxman's Dream

1106 The Wisdom of Folk Tales

1107 Haiti: Our Forgotten Neighbor

1108 In The Zone: Consciousness and Creativity

1109 Hang in There, Justice John Paul Stevens

1300A KEYNOTE The Middle East in an Era of Transnational Threats

    11:30-12:30 on Monday April 9, 2007
    Macky Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Hank Brown

1500 Cone Zones in Space: Asteroids, Solar Flares and Debris

1501 Do You Want Fries with That: Liberal Arts or the Career Track

1502 Countdown to Armageddon

1503 One Finished Product is Better than 1,000 Great Ideas

1504 Latin America: Backlash or Axis of Hope

1505 Invest in America, Buy a Politician

1506 The Coalition of the Leaving: Iraq Stands Alone

1507 Juvenile Justice

1508 Blogs and Zines Take on the Big Mags

1600 Oil: War is a Crude Business

1601 Divided Cities: Belfast, Beirut, Jerusalem

1700 From Apathy to Activism

1701 Boom and Doom: The U.S. in Chapter 11

1702 From Jazz to Hip Hop: Expressive Evolution

1703 Evil

1704 Rethinking National Security

1800 TEA AND STORYTELLING Crossing the Water: Tales of Ireland and Scotland

    4:00-5:00 on Monday April 9, 2007
    UMC Aspen Room

1801 Uninterruptus:Chinatown

    4:00-6:00 on Monday April 9, 2007
    Macky Auditorium

1802 Nanotech, Beams, Bots and Aerogel

1803 No Such Thing as a Free Market

1804 Dead Ducks, Lame Ducks and Odd Ducks: The View from the U.K.

1805 I Never Thought I'd Miss Nixon

1806 Drawing on Words: Comic Books and Graphic Novels

1807 Mentoring

1808 Poetry of the Street: Anger, Youth and Art

1809 Iran: The Redirection


    - on Monday April 9, 2007