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5100 Cultural Diversity and Distinctiveness

5101 Feasting and Ritual Boasting

5103 When We Listen to Each Other's Stories

5104 HIV/AIDS: And the Band Plays On

5105 Chasing Frontiers: Grasping Cutting Edge Science

5106 Youth in Flux: The Quarter-Life Crisis

5107 What the Left Can Learn From the Right

5108 Treading on Treaties

5109 Comedy Can Change Minds

5111 Family Planning Around the World

    9:00-10:30 on Friday April 11, 2003
    University Club Garden Room
    Panelists: Moderator: Mette Riis

5200 Dallas and Dr. Quinn--One Life to Live

5300 The Rise of the Entrepreneurial Musician

5301 Silly, Savvy and Subversive: The Power of Cartoons

5302 Health Care Delivery Systems: Market or Government Control

5303 Dear God, I Want a New Car: Youth and Spirituality

5304 Symphonic Snobbery

5305 ARIA Keeping Photos Honest

    11:00-12:00 on Friday April 11, 2003
    UMC 235
    Panelists: Moderator: Minton Brooks

5306 Abuse of Power: Corporate (Ir)responsibility

5307 Artful Duet: Music and Poetry

5308 Frankenstein Asparagus: Genetically Modified Food

5309 I Used to be Gay, Now I'm Happy

5310 What Makes Great Stories

5400 RADIO BROADCAST: To Be Announced

    12:00-1:00 on Friday April 11, 2003
    KGNU 88.5 FM

5400A HOWARD HIGMAN MEMORIAL PLENARY: The Wrong War Against the Wrong Enemy in the Wrong Country

    12:00-1:00 on Friday April 11, 2003
    Macky Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Phil DiStefano

5401 Middle East Arithmetic: Israeli Ideology and Arab Demographics

5500 From Apollo to the Space Station: Who Has the Right Stuff

5501 Falling in Love

5502 Political Challenges Facing African Leadership

5503 Euthanasia/Murder: What's the Difference

5504 Truth and Fiction: Blurring the Line in Memoir Writing and Reality TV

5505 Spirituality and the Environment

5506 U.S. Hegemony: Leadership or Just the Finger

5507 Through the Looking Glass: Women in Popular Culture

5508 DUET Mountain Music: The Simple and the Sublime


    1:00-3:30 on Friday April 11, 2003
    Muenzinger Auditorium
    Panelists: Moderator: Pablo Kjolseth

5600 ALIAQUE News Quiz

5700 FOND FAREWELL Come say goodbye to your favorite participants

    3:00-4:30 on Friday April 11, 2003
    UMC Terrace (Inclement weather: UMC Center Ballroom)

5801 Interruptus IV: Floating Weeds

    4:00-6:00 on Friday April 11, 2003
    Macky Auditorium