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    2002 Participants

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    Patch Adams

      Fool, Arlington

    Richard Aregood

      Editorial Page Editor, Star-Ledger, Newark

    Danni Ashe

      Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Danni's Hard Drive, Marina Del Rey

    Laura E. Asturias

      Journalist; Co-editor, La Cuerda, Guatemala City

    John Barnes

      Jazz Musician, Manchester

    Phyllis Bennis

      Fellow, Institute of Policy Studies, Washington

    Peter Berkowitz

      Writer; Professor of Law, George Mason University, Washington

    David Bernknopf

      Communications Consultant, Atamira Productions, Marietta, Georgia

    Simone Bitton

      Independent Documentary Film Director, Paris

    Walter Blass

      President and Founder, Strategic Plans Unlimited; Warren, New Jersey

    Patrick Boel

      Independent Management Consultant, Rotterdam

    Lillian Boutté

      Entertainer and Singer, Beidenfleth, Germany

    Antonia Brancati

      Theatrical Literary Agent, Rome

    Pier Luigi Cecioni

      Publisher; Art Consultant; Specialist, Italo-American Relations, Florence

    Soo-Hyun Chung

      Senior Copywriter, MTV, On Air Promotions Division, New York City

    Geoff Cline

      Musician; Attorney, In-house Counsel for House of Blues, Santa Monica

    Elouise Cobell

      Chairperson, Blackfeet National Bank; Executive Director, Blackfeet Reservation Development Fund, Browning, Montana

    Lee Coldren

      Foreign Service Officer (ret.), Sacramento

    Joseph Cultice

      Photographer, New York City

    Bernardine Dohrn

      Associate Clinical Professor; Director, Children and Family Justice Center, Northwestern University School of Law Legal Clinic, Chicago

    William Eagleton

      Ambassador (ret.), Taos

    Roger Ebert

      Film Critic; Journalist, The Chicago Sun-Times; Ebert & Roeper and the Movies, Chicago

    Michael Elliott

      Editor-at-Large, Time, New York City

    Patricia Elliott

      Tony Award-Winning Actress, New York City

    Maddalena A. Fallucchi

      Director; Cultural Events Manager; Author, Rome

    Sally Fay

      Writer, Performer, Mt. Kisco, New York

    David Finkle

      Journalist; Performer, New York City

    Rich Forster

      Poetics, Rochester, New York

    Michael Franc

      Vice-President, The Heritage Foundation, Washington

    Douglas Gardner

      UNDP Resident Representative and United Nations Resident Coordinator, Kiev

    Lee Gerhard

      Principal Geologist, Kansas Geological Survey, Lawrence

    Jay Golden

      Author; Storyteller, Founder and Executive producer, Wakingstar Productions, San Francisco

    Angélica Gorodischer

      Novelist, San Martin, Argentina

    Dave Grusin

      Oscar and Grammy-winning Composer and Arranger, Santa Fe

    Don Grusin

      Composer and Arranger; Grammy-winning Producer, Calbasas, California

    Ina Levin Gyemant

      Superior Court Judge (ret.), San Francisco

    Dorian Haarhoff

      Poet and Storyteller, Johannesburg

    Gerald Haines

      Chief Historian, Center for the Study of Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, Washington

    Sonya Hamlin

      Communications Consultant; Television Commentator, New York City

    Barbara Harris

      Director, CRACK (Cash for Birth Control Non-profit), Garden Grove, California

    Jay Harris

      Publisher, Mother Jones, San Francisco

    Thomas Hayes

      Student, University of Colorado at Boulder; Dean Reed Peace Prize winner

    Ken Hill

      Chief of Staff (ret.), United States Peace Corps, Alexandria

    David Hochschild

      Founder, Vote Solar Initiative, San Francisco

    Simon Hoggart

      Journalist, The Guardian, London

    Jean Houston

      Co-director, Foundation for Mind Research, Ashland, Oregon

    Ethan Hurd

      Feature Film Animator, Dreamworks, Redwood City, California

    Andy Ihnatko

      Geek Columnist, The Chicago Sun-Times and Macworld Magazine, Westwood, Massachusetts

    David Jacobs

      Writer; TV Producer, Los Angeles

    Terry Jeggle

      Independent Advisor, International Hazards and Disaster Risk Management, Geneva

    Charles Jess

      Program Officer, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration Affairs, Department of State, McLean, Virginia

    Paul Jones

      Director,, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

    Antonia Juhasz

      Project Director, International Forum on Globalization, San Francisco

    Herbert Kohl

      Director, Center for Teaching Excellence and Social Justice, University of San Francisco

    Achim Köddermann

      Philosopher, State University of New York, Oneonta

    Gerald LeMelle

    Mildred Leet

      Chair, Trickle Up Program, New York City

    Jerry Mahlman

      Visiting Senior Research Associate, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Princeton

    Bert Manzari

      Executive Vice President, Landmark Theatres, Los Angeles

    Jurek Martin

      Writer; Lecturer, Washington

    George Masso

      Musician, Narragansett, Rhode Island

    Deirdre N. McCloskey

      Professor of History, English and Economics, University of Illinois, Chicago

    Ellen McGirt

      Author, New York City

    Terry McNally

      Writer, Los Angeles

    Kevin O. Meyers

      President and Chief Executive Officer, Philips Alaska, Anchorage

    Anthony J. Mohr

      Judge, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles

    Bob Montgomery

      Musician and Educator, Denver

    Thereza Christina da Motta

      Poet; Attorney; Translator, Rio de Janeiro

    Inga M. Muscio

      Activist and Author, Olympia, Washington

    Joaquin Muńoz

      Research Assistant, Carl Hayden Bee Research Center; Spiritual Leader, Pasqua Yaqui Tribe, Tucson

    Bill Nack

      Freelance Journalist, Washington

    Derek Nash

      Musician; Composer; Arranger; Sound Engineer, Kent

    Dan Odescalchi

      President, Strategic Advantage International, Pleasant Valley, New York

    Jody Olsen

      Deputy Director, United States Peace Corps, Washington

    Joe Ragole

      Student, University of Colorado at Boulder

    Nelson Rangell

      Jazz Saxophonist, Littleton, Colorado

    Evelyn Resh

      Midwife; Women's Health and Sexuality Specialist, Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires

    Shimon Samuels

      Director, Simon Weisenthal Centre - Europe, Paris

    Jean Sanville

      Psychoanalyst, Los Angeles

    Stuart Schoffman

      Columnist, Jerusalem Report; Koppelman Scholar-in-Residence, Anti-Defamation League; Research Fellow, Shalom Hartman Institute of Advanced Judaic Studies, Jerusalem

    Wolfgang Schollnberger

      Vice President, Technology, British Petroleum, Middlesex

    Leonard Shlain

      Chairman, Laparoscopic Surgery, California Pacific Medical Center; Associate Professor of Surgery, University of California; Author, San Francisco

    Seth Shostak

      Astronomer, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute, Mountainview, California

    Alan Simms

      DJ, Shine, Belfast

    John Sinno

      Film Distributor, Arab Film Distribution, Seattle

    Paul Skokowski

      Philosopher, Stanford University

    Norman Solomon

      Syndicated Columnist; Author; Founder and Executive Director, Institute for Public Accuracy, Point Reyes Station, California

    Fintan R. Steele

      Editor, Molecular Therapy, Executive Director, Genomics, New York City

    Peter Steinhauer

      Photographer, Singapore

    Harvey Stockwin

      Journalist and Broadcaster, Hong Kong

    Michael Stoff

      Historian, University of Texas, Austin

    Carlton Stoiber

      Consultant on International and Nuclear Law and Policy, Washington

    Jefferson W. Tester

      H.P. Meissner Professor of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Barbara J. Thompson

      Astrophysicist, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Greenbelt, Maryland

    Sallie Trout

      Founder and Principal Designer, Trout Studios, Santa Monica

    Harvey Wasserman

      Author and Activist, Columbus, Ohio

    Liz Weir

      Storyteller, Antrim, Northern Ireland

    Reggie Wilkinson

      Director, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Kettering, Ohio

    Victor John Yannacone, Jr.

      Attorney, Yannacone and Yannacone, Patchogue, New York