Conference on World Affairs


The Conference on World Affairs has been a fixture in the cultural and intellectual life of the University of Colorado campus and Boulder community since 1948, fostering unpredictable, creative connections and insights. With the CWA as a catalyst, all manner of powerful epiphanies, projects and alliances are launched across the globe each year.

Despite educational budget cuts in recent years, the CWA has flourished and audiences have rapidly expanded. The Conference on World Affairs is the largest non-athletic event in Boulder, drawing an estimated 77,000 in annual attendance.

We are committed to bringing the same extraordinary Conference our participants and audiences have come to expect, but we need your help. Please make a tax-deductible donation that will allow the CWA to continue to thrive.

Donate by check:

Make your check payable to the "University of Colorado Foundation" referencing account number 0121418 and mail to:

University of Colorado Foundation
Attention: Conference on World Affairs
P.O. Box 17126
Denver, CO 80217-9155

Donate online: