Vojin Joksimovich
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Born and raised in Belgrade, Vojin Joksimovich survived the German and Anglo-American WWII bombings which killed seven of his family members. He is the grandson of Dr. Dragic Joksimovic, who defended General Mihailovic in Tito’s show trial in 1946.

A refugee from Tito’s regime, Joksimovich immigrated to England where he worked in the nuclear industry while achieving a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from London University. He moved to the U.S. in 1970 and followed a career in the nuclear power plant industry. Joksimovich originated over 125 publications and papers presented at international conferences. He is an internationally recognized leader in nuclear safety, risk assessment, risk management and nuclear regulation.

For over a decade Joksimovich has been in the vanguard of Serbian Diaspora efforts to foster democratic reforms in Serbia. He is an ardent supporter of newly elected president of Yugoslavia, and is a past President of the Serbian Unity Congress and is now on the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Ecological Committee.