Jay Harris
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Jay Harris is the publisher of The American Prospect and a distinguished senior fellow at Demos, the Prospect's sister organization. The Prospect, founded in 1989 by Robert Kuttner, Paul Starr, and Robert Reich, is a Washington D.C.-based magazine and web site that covers politics and culture with energetic reporting, fine writing, stories that surprise and provoke, and a broad commitment to a society in which everyone gets a fair shot. New York-based Demos is a "think-and-do tank" working toward a more robust democracy and a more equitable economy.

In 2011, Harris cofounded, with Jim Hightower and Katrina vanden Heuvel, the We the People Campaign, a project to amplify their efforts of independent media, netroots and grassroots activists, labor, business, and policy groups to educate the public about the Supreme Court's Citizens United v FEC decision, which allows corporations to spend unlimited sums directly from their treasuries in elections.

From 1991 to 2009, Harris was the president and publisher of Mother Jones, the investigative news organization. During his tenure and since, Mother Jones' reporting has consistently documented the corrupting influence of corporate money in policy and elections and has told the stories of its impact on the rest of us. While at Mother Jones, Harris helped found The Media Consortium.

Harris is the board president for the Public Intelligence Foundation (publishers of the Hightower Lowdown). He also serves on the board of the First Amendment Coalition and on the communications advisory board of Human Rights Watch. He lives in San Francisco.