Andy Ihnatko
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Andy Ihnatko experienced his first electrocution at age 5. He clearly recalls that he found it a "not at all unpleasant" experience, one that left him intimately prepared for writing about “Insanely Great” technology and documenting its impact on the Hu-Mans. He's a columnist for The Chicago Sun-Times and Macworld Magazine, is the resident movie critic of and has made frequent contributions to Playboy and Yahoo! Internet Life.

An unabashed geek ("The bashings ended when I fled high school and went to a polytechnic university, thank God."), Ihnatko’s enthusiasm for "heroically stupid" applications of technology led him to build an animatronic Darth Vader doll that can be controlled through the Internet via video telepresence...just so he could frighten his housemates' cats out of his office when he's on the road. In 1992, he wrote and published one of the Internet's very first e-books: a free 60-page tome detailing how to convert a classic Macintosh into a functioning aquarium. “Uncountable" copies are currently in non-print, downloadable from (among other places). Andy lives in Boston with his two goldfish, Click and Drag.