Perdita Huston
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Having commenced her studies at CU-Boulder during the dark McCarthy years, Perdita Huston soon bolted for France, where she obtained degrees in Journalism and International Relations. When her French husband was drafted and sent to war in Algeria, she followed and worked as a medical social worker in a camp for displaced persons.

Since then, despite the vagaries of earning a living, and working for Time Inc. (Paris), the World Conservation Union - IUCN, (Switzerland), International Planned Parenthood Federation (London), and the US Peace Corps (Washington, Mali, Bulgaria), she has managed to write about social justice issues, especially those concerning women's status and rights.

Hustonís books are based on conversations and interviews with those from whom we don't ordinarily hear, including books such as Message From the Village, (Epoch B Foundation 1978); Third World Women Speak Out (Praeger and Overseas Development Council 1979), and Motherhood by Choice (Earthscan and The Feminist Press 1992). The Feminist Press will publish her next book in May 2001. Entitled, Farmlies As We Are, Conversations from Around the World, the book gives voice to three generations of families in eleven countries. The intent, says Perdita, is "Ö to go beyond the preachers and politicians who would define the family for us and listen to people's vision of family life and the forces that are reshaping family structures and relationships." Perdita's family includes two married daughters, their husbands, four grandchildren and a son, an actor with the Denver Center Theater Company.