Donna Morton
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Canadian Donna Morton is cofounder and CEO of First Power, an alternative energy company whose projects are aimed at providing clean energy, jobs, and equity to Native Canadian First Nation populations. Elected an Unreasonable Institute fellow for building one of the world's best social innovation start-ups, she is also an Ashoka fellow for her work with the Centre for Integral Economics, which promotes market-based solutions to social and environmental sustainability.

Active in the social sector for many years, Morton once ran for office as part of the Green Party of Canada and has been nominated as a "Green Hero." Her expertise includes communications, economics, social enterprise start-ups, partnerships, economic development, and film making. As a consultant she has worked with businesses, governments, NGO's, and numerous first-nation and aboriginal business organizations She was featured as one of 30 global leaders in the TV series Act for the Planet, which aired around the world.

Morton has spoken at or keynoted events around the world, including BALLE, Bioneers, and the World Permaculture Forum. She has also addressed Tedx events in Winnipeg, on the topic of "The Gatherer's Economy: Women Re-Shaping the World," and at San Juaquin on "The End of Poverty and Climate Change Through 100% Renewable Energy." Other media highlights include budget commentaries, features in Entrepreneur and the Financial Post, and a two-part series for CBC Ideas called It Is Not Easy Being Green. Morton lives in Vancouver.