Marie Holzman
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After earning a diploma in Oriental Languages at the University of Paris VII, Marie Holzman spent the better part of the 1970s studying at the University of Osaka, and in the Institute for Foreign Languages of Beijing University. She worked in Beijing as a researcher at the Agence France-Presse and as a correspondent for the Parisian daily newspaper Libération. The end of her stay in Beijing, the first democratic movement in communist China began. She met the leaders of the movement during the 1979 political movement called “Democracy Wall” and became one of their most important living links with the west, a role she has continued to play until the present, both as the author of six books and a great number of articles in the press on the dissidents and their tribulations in China. Since her return to France in the 1980s Holzman has devoted herself to teaching at the University of Paris-VII, giving lectures to various private associations interested in China as well as giving training courses to officials from the Bank of France and the National Electricité de France. She is a devoted champion of the Chinese dissidents, and since 1990 has been the president of the Association Solidarité Chine. Her fluency in Chinese and her understanding of the Chinese intellectuals have made her an icon of western concern for the democratic movement in China.