Howard Schultz
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Howard Schultz was named by Los Angeles magazine as one of the city’s most influential people for the worldwide success of his television show, Extreme Makeover. He followed that success with two other hits, Next!, one of the highest rated shows in MTV history (seen in more than 60 countries), and The Moment of Truth for FOX, one of the highest rated shows on television (now seen in more than 100 countries).

Schultz formed his company, Lighthearted Entertainment, in 1992, following his production of the breakthrough hit, Studs. His vision gave birth to an entirely new genre of television programming known as “relationship shows.” The company continues to distinguish itself today by creating breakout hits from cutting-edge ideas.

Since 2002, Lighthearted Entertainment has also become a global leader in television formats. Schultz has traveled extensively throughout the world, working with local producers and their productions of his company’s programs. In 2008, The Hollywood Reporter, a leading entertainment industry newspaper, named Schultz as one of the top 50 forces in reality television.

Schultz received his bachelor of arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He is married and has three sons.