Mark Hertsgaard
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Independent journalist, author and activist, Mark Hertsgaard, has published work in leading newspapers and magazines throughout the world. His books have been published in ten countries. Hertsgaard’s first book, Nuclear Inc. The Men and Money Behind Nuclear Energy, was published by Pantheon in 1983. Next came On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1988) and A Day In The Life: The Music And Artistry Of The Beatles (Delacorte, 1995). His most recent book is Earth Odyssey: Around The World In Search Of Our Environmental Future, published in the United States by Broadway Books in January 1999. Excerpts from Earth Odyssey appeared in Atlantic Monthly, Outside, The Nation, Salon, Natural History and The Daily Mail (of London). Hertsgaard does regular commentaries for National Public Radio’s “Living On Earth” program, and has appeared on many other national radio and television shows, including “Fresh Air,” “The Today Show,” “Nightline,” “Larry King,” “The Bill Moyers Report,” “Good Morning, America,” and “Crossfire.” He recently spent three semesters teaching non-fiction writing at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and has given guest lectures at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Yale, Princeton, The University of Chicago, Stanford, The University of California at Berkeley, Georgetown, Penn State, George Washington and American University.