John Prendergast
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John Prendergast is a cofounder of the Enough Project, an initiative to end genocide and crimes against humanity. He travels regularly to Africa's war zones on fact-finding missions, peace-making initiatives, and awareness-raising trips. During the Clinton administration, Prendergast was director of African Affairs at the National Security Council and special advisor at the Department of State. He has also worked for members of Congress, the United Nations, human rights organizations, and think tanks, as well as having been a youth counselor and basketball coach in the United States. He has authored eight books on Africa, including Not on Our Watch that he coauthored with actor Don Cheadle. He is now working on two new books, one that focuses on his 20 years in the Big Brother Program, and the other on human rights and peace advocacy. Prendergast has helped produce documentaries, consulted on movie scripts, and was part of a series of episodes of 60 Minutes which earned an Emmy Award for best continuing news coverage.

With NBA stars Tracy McGrady and Derek Fisher, he cofounded the Darfur Dream Team Sister Schools Program, which connects schools in the United States with schools in the Darfurian refugee camps. He also helped create the Raise Hope for Congo Campaign aimed at ending violence against women and girls in the Congo. His op-eds have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and the International Herald Tribune. He is a visiting professor at the University of San Diego and the American University in Cairo.