Kirsten Sanford
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Kiki Sanford is a specialist in learning and memory. She is also the founder and host of the popular This Week in Science radio show/podcast, a weekly program broadcast from the University of California, Davis.

In 2005, Sanford was awarded the American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowship in recognition for her work with her radio show. Following the fellowship, she worked as a television news producer at WNBC in New York City with noted health and science reporter Max Gomez. In late 2007 and early 2008, Sanford expanded her communications work into online video. Her newest online video venture, Science Word, was launched in March 2009.

Additionally, Sanford hosts Potential Energy, a podcast about alternative energy concerns and solutions, and is a regular guest on both This Week in Media and This Week in Tech. She contributes weekly to several blogs, and is looking to launch a new scientific venture with noted technology pundit, Leo Laporte.

She is slated to co-host a new, skeptical reality TV show called The Skeptologists. She is also reporter-at-large for the Science Channel and a contributor to their recently launched show, Brink, and has appeared on CBSs The Doctors.

Sanford has dabbled in sailing, gymnastics, martial arts, hula hooping, and yoga. She enjoys bird-watching, cooking, reading fiction novels, watching movies, dancing to loud music, and a nice glass of red wine, not necessarily in that order or at the same time.

She holds a BS in conservation biology and a PhD in molecular, cellular, and integrative physiology from the University of California, Davis.