Sidney Perkowitz
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Sidney Perkowitz always wanted to be a research scientist and spent part of his career doing just that, in industry and at Emory University. But writing was a second love, and midway through his career, after publishing his 100th research paper, he left the lab to become a writer while remaining a physics professor at Emory University.

He writes for science groupies who love the ideas of science but not the details, with such books as Empire of Light, about the science and aesthetics of light, and Digital People, about robots and bionic people in fantasy and in reality. His latest book is Hollywood Science: Movies, Science, and the End of the World, published in 2007, about how science and scientists are presented in film. These books have been translated into six languages and Braille. He also writes for various periodicals, lectures about science and its interaction with culture, and has made numerous media appearances.

Hes never regretted switching from research to writing, which has taken him along some marvelously unexpected paths, including writing stage plays that have been presented in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. The moment when he first took a bow on stage as a playwright was a high point, and hes hoping for another high point when he can watch his screenplay about human cloning unfold on the big screen. Meanwhile, hes working on books about light in the 21st century, and about human improvement through technology.