Michael Dolan
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A veteran organizer with extensive grassroots experience throughout the country, Mike Dolan currently serves as the Deputy Director of the Global Trade Watch team at Public Citizen, founded by Ralph Nader in 1971. He also serves as Field Director of the Citizens Trade Campaign, a national coalition of labor, environmental, consumer, and family farm groups that oppose the corporate driven so-called “free trade” agenda characterized by the NAFTA and GATT agreements. Dolan and the CTC activist network were instrumental in the defeat of ‘Fast Track” trade negotiating authority in the 105th Congress as well as derailing the Multilateral Agreement on Investments negotiations in 1998. More recently, Mike was the lead organizer in the campaign to stop the new WTO ministerial round in Seattle. Mike and CTC again brought an army of informed citizen voices to challenge the forces of corporate globalization and won. In addition to his organizing skills, Mike has a law degree and has practiced law, in particular litigation with an emphasis in labor relations, in the Midwest during the 1980’s.