Kiki Sanford
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Kirsten Sanford (Kiki) holds a doctorate in molecular, cellular and integrative physiology and a bachelor's degree in wildlife, fisheries, and conservation biology from the University of California, Davis. As well as being the founder and host of the popular This Week in Science podcast and radio show, she produces and hosts the Dr. Kiki's Science Hour, a weekly in-depth, science-focused interview program. Sanford is the creative director, writer, and host for an international collaboration by The Video Project, developing supplemental video materials about coral reefs for classroom use. Until the birth of her first child, she was a regular co-host on Tech News Today with Tom Merritt.

In 2005, Sanford was awarded the American Association for the Advancement of Science Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowship. Following the fellowship, she worked as a television news producer at WNBC in New York City with noted health and science reporter Max Gomez. Sanford expanded her communications work into online video, starring in both On Networks' successful series Food Science and Revision3's variety show PopSiren. She also appeared regularly on Revision3's Systm, and hosted several episodes of MacBreak during Pixel Corp's coverage of the Macworld conference. She worked as reporter-at-large for the Science Channel and as a contributor to Brink, and has appeared on CBS's The Doctors.

Sanford is recognized as one of the top science media personalities in the nation, having produced and hosted programs featuring scientific luminaries such as James Watson, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Brian Green, Lisa Randall, Leonard Susskind, and Michio Kaku.