Daniel Odescalchi
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Daniel Odescalchi is president of Strategic Advantage International, a political consulting and public opinion management firm based in New York State. He has worked with political parties in Lebanon, Iraq, throughout Eastern Europe, and in the United States. He also advised BetterLeadershipAmerica.org, a policy advocacy group.

Odescalchi has assisted the Center for International Private Enterprise in teaching Iraqi political parties to develop party platforms and run campaigns. He has also assisted Iraqi chambers of commerce in developing advocacy programs. Odescalchi has worked with the Robert Schumann Institute to train and advise political operatives from Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus, Romania, Russia, and Croatia.

He consulted for the prime minister of Hungary and the Hungarian Democratic Forum, the Democratic Convention in Romania, the Party of Co-existence in Slovakia, and the Alternative Council of Ministers in Bosnia Herzegovina. Working with 13 international organizations, Odescalchi raised funds to establish the Survival in a Democracy Project, which assisted new democratic parties in Eastern Europe in learning the skills necessary to build and maintain political support

An expert on voter trends in emerging democracies, he has spoken extensively on the topic at the Atlantic Council meetings in Budapest, the European Democrat Union conference in Berlin, and elsewhere. He was deputy national political director for the presidential bid of Republican Steve Forbes and assisted New York Governor George Pataki.

Odescalchi is a contributing author to the Handbook of Political Marketing and provides government relations assistance to corporate clients. He is also president of Electric Reels Productions, which specializes in political advertising.