Simon Hoggart
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Simon Hoggart writes the daily humorous parliamentary sketch for The Guardian of London and has won an award for his work from a little-watched television political program in Britain. He used to be the Washington correspondent for The Observer of London, which is when he started coming to Boulder at the invitation of Howard Higman, the great man who founded the CWA.

Hoggart has written 16 books, including America—A User's Guide, Bizarre Beliefs, a skeptical examination of paranormal claims, and The Cat That Could Open the Fridge, a medium-seller devoted to those boastful circular newsletters people send their 200 closest friends at Christmas. He also writes television criticism for The Spectator of London and provides the magazine's wine column. His next book is titled One Hundred Wines to Try Before You Die.

Hoggart has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The New Republic and has frequently appeared on ABC, CBS, and NBC news, sometimes back in the days when people watched them.