Jay Harris
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Jay Harris is the president and publisher of Mother Jones, the non-profit investigative reporting news organization based in San Francisco. Now that Mother Jones has a staff of eight expert reporters in Washington, D.C., Harris is pleased that he can get his daily political fix on MotherJones.com while still savoring the great connect-the-dots stories in Mother Jones magazine.

Harris is a graduate of Duke University and the Yale School of Management. He began his magazine career with Newsweek International, holding management positions in New York and Hong Kong. He serves on the boards of IMAG (the independent magazine group of the Magazine Publishers of America), The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and the California First Amendment Coalition. He is on the advisory board of Free Speech TV and is one of the founders of The Media Consortium. As chaotic and wild west as the media world feels these days, he is excited by possibilities presented by powerful and cheap new media tools for revolutionizing the relationship between news organizations and citizens.