Kay Danes
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Kay Danes has had a diversified career. She established an international security protection service for the UN, international corporations, and foreign investors. While in service to their clients in Laos in 2000, Danes and her husband were abducted by secret police and held for a year. They endured mock executions, torture, and arbitrary detention in one of the world’s most secretive communist prison systems. If not for their government, Australia’s, intervention and lobbying, the Danes would not have survived.

Since that ordeal, Danes has become one of Australia’s top social justice ambassadors. She has been a guest speaker at two U.S. Congressional forums on democracy and has been featured in numerous television, radio, and print media interviews and articles. Danes motivates others to endure their own struggles, and her descriptive and skillful articulation of her experiences gives her audience a "fly-on-the-wall" perspective of third-world political processes and prisons. Danes is the author of Families Behind Bars-Stories of Injustice, Endurance and Hope (2008), and Standing Ground-An Imprisoned Couple's Struggle for Justice Against a Communist Regime (2009).

Danes recently returned from a humanitarian mission to Afghanistan as the Australian liaison for the Childlight Foundation for Afghan Children, a U.S.-based charity. Her diplomatic efforts have earned her the respect and the ear of some of the world's most prominent individuals and government figures. In acknowledgment of her achievements, Danes received an Australian of the Year award.