George Butler
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George Butler is president of White Mountain Films, a company he established in 1975. For more than 30 years, Butler has been producing and directing movies that explore the obscure and unknown. Whether discovering a charismatic but anonymous Austrian bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in Pumping Iron, or revealing the elusive rocky landscape of the red planet in Roving Mars, Butler has introduced audiences to fascinating worlds they could never have imagined.

Born in England, he was raised in Wales, Somalia, Kenya, and Jamaica, and educated in the United States. He served as a VISTA volunteer in Detroit during the Vietnam War and later co-edited The New Soldier with David Thorne and John Kerry, a book about the organization Vietnam Veterans Against War.

Butlerís 1985 film, Pumping Iron II: The Women, was said to redefine the boundaries of femininity. His In the Blood, about the importance of hunting to game conservation in Africa, was voted one of the 10 best documentaries of 1990 by the International Documentary Association. In 2000, Butler completed three films in separate formats based on the book The Endurance: Shackletonís Legendary Antarctic Expedition. His highly praised feature documentary Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in 2004. Between films, Butler has published a number of books. His photographs have appeared in most major magazines of the world, a one-man show at the International Center of Photography in New York, and galleries around the country.

Butlerís latest film, Roving Mars, is an IMAXģ currently being distributed by Disney.