Peter Barton
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Peter Barton is the President of Barton and Associates, a private investment firm specializing in early-stage technology companies with missions of social importance such as fuel cell technology, medicine development, and privacy-enhancing products. He is also an adjunct professor at the Daniels Business School (University of Denver), teaching a graduate course in business strategy and entrepreneurship.

He is the founder of the Privacy Foundation (, a highly respected not-for-profit corporation dedicated to discovering and eliminating threats to individual privacy and to educating people to protect themselves and repatriate their private lives. From its incorporation in 1991 until 1997, Barton was the Founding President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Liberty Media Corporation, a $40B company with ownership in over 120 cable and television programming networks, media companies and distribution channels. During his tenure at Liberty he co-founded a number of successful programming companies such as Fox SportsNet, Court TV, Starz, Encore, and the Learning Channel. From 1988 to 1991, he served as Vice President of Programming for TCI. From 1986 to 1989, Mr. Barton was President of Cable Value Network, now QVC; from 1984 to 1986, he was a Senior Vice President of TCI, handling urban franchise acquisitions. Mr. Barton joined Tele-Communications, Inc. in 1982 after holding a variety of appointed State and Federal Government positions, including Deputy Secretary to the Governor of New York. A 1982 graduate of Harvard Business School, Mr. Barton received his undergraduate degrees from Columbia University College. He serves on the Boards of Directors of First Albany Corporation, Colorado Public Radio (KCFR), Vail Charities Foundation, and the United States Freestyle Ski Association.