Tom Dark
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Tom Dark is a literary agent for Heacock-Hill Agency. Certain of his clients, if they are correct, may point the way toward faster-than-light technology, or present classically empirical evidence suggesting that consciousness forms biological matter, not the other way around. If they are wrong, no harm is done. In any case, Dark believes it is time for new ideas: the more basic, more accessible, and less expensive to individual experimentation, the better.

Dark has worked as an editor, writer, copywriter, promoter, producer, sound engineer, musician, actor, scriptwriter, political organizer, public speaker, and a host of other occupations largely forgotten except for the philosophical experiment they represented. This experiment began with independent reading during adolescence, when Dark began to wonder what philosophy ever had to do with anything. Forty years into the experiment, the question has become “What makes people keep dismissing philosophy?”

Dark might like to meet Skidmore College alumnae for old times’ sake. Otherwise, his central experiment—basic, cheap and accessible to any individual with a primarily phenomenological bent—requires no academic credentials. This is the study and comparison of nightly dreams and daily reality and their successful uses.