Luis Garden Acosta
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Luis Garden Acosta is a national voice for human rights in the context of community building. For the past 18 years he has led El Puente, an organization he founded, as both a neighborhood and national institution for holistic learning and development inextricably tied to the quest for peace and justice.

Spirited by a unique background as a graduate of St. Mary’s Seminary, Harvard Medical School and as a community development planner/organizer for New York City’s Office of the Mayor, Luis Garden Acosta has led the community medicine division of a hospital, has produced and hosted popular culture radio and television programs, created a “university of the streets”, directed a health oriented, statewide humanities program and was a principal organizer for national welfare rights.

Always a bridge builder, Luis Garden Acosta has contributed as panelist, board member or chapter leader to such diverse organizations as the National Science Foundation, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, the New York City Mission Society, the Parks Council, Food for Survival, the Cross City Campaign for Urban School Reform, and the Young Lords Party. CAFE,(the Community Alliance For the Environment), initiated and led by Luis, dramatically stopped the building of a 55 story incinerator at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.