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Human beatboxer and Hip Hop artist, Shodekeh has been using his body as a musical instrument since he was nine. Self taught with no formal musical education, he channels various concepts of instruments and sounds through the human voice. He can embody many musical tools and emulations, including drum kits, ocean waves, crickets, turntables, and sleigh bells.

Travels to such places as Oberlin College in Ohio have kept moments increasingly challenging and stimulating for Shodekeh. He is always seeking to interface his music with genres foreign to his own, bridging gaps between everything from blues to avant garde to classical.

Currently, Shodekeh works as an accompanist for modern dance and ballet classes at such places as Towson University and the American Dance Festival. He is also a musical interpreter and artist-in-residence at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, where he actively creates original interpretive works of visual art.