Rawan Zaitoun
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Rawan Zaitoun has worked extensively with Seeking Common Ground (SCG) since participating in the Building Bridges for Peace (BBfP) program for the first time in 2000. BBfP is the flagship program for SCG, bringing together young women from Israel, Palestine, and the United States in a program that promotes peace and the empowerment of women. She has fulfilled the roles of leader in training, intern for peace and has also served as a home group leader during the follow-up program. From 2003 to the present, Zaitoun has served as Middle East coordinator of the BBfP program. She received a bachelor of arts degree in special education from David Yellin College for Education in Jerusalem, and was recently accepted into McGill University’s Graduate School of Social Work, on full scholarship. She will leave her post as the Middle East coordinator of the BBfP program and will serve as an intern for peace in SCG’s Denver office in the spring of 2007 before beginning her graduate studies at McGill in June 2007.