Gal Yaakobi
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Gal Yaakobi first became involved in Seeking Common Ground (SCG) in 2000 as a participant of the Building Bridges for Peace (BBfP) program. BBfP is the flagship program of SCG, bringing together young women from Israel, Palestine, and the United States to participate in an intensive program that promotes peace and the empowerment of women. She returned to the program for a second year as a leader in training in 2001, and then returned for a third year in 2002. During the first years of the intifada, Yaakobi was inspired by the program to persevere in building peaceful relationships and communities as a political and social activist. She recently completed three years of service in the Israeli Defense Forces, during which time she served as an instructor coordinator and course commander. Yaakobi became involved in the BBfP program again as a summer program staff member in 2006. She assumed the position of Middle East co-coordinator of the BBfP program in February 2007, and will begin university studies this fall. In the spring of 2007, Yaakobi will also be serving as an intern for peace in SCG’s Denver office.