Daisy Zamora
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Nicaraguan poet Daisy Zamora is one of the most prominent figures in contemporary Central American poetry. Her work is known for its uncompromising voice and a broad ranging subject matter that often dwells on the details of daily life while encompassing human rights, politics, revolution, feminist issues, art, history, and culture. She is the author of three widely read books of poetry in Spanish, and the editor of a popular anthology of Nicaraguan women poets.

Zamora became immersed in revolutionary activities during the 1970s when the decades long struggle against the Somoza dictatorship in Nicaragua became intense and widespread. She was a combatant for the FSLN (National Sandinista Liberation Front), which she joined in 1973, and became the voice and program director, for clandestine Radio Sandino during the final 1979 Sandinista offensive. During the revolution she experienced exile in Honduras, Panama, and Costa Rica. After the triumph of the revolution in July 1979, she became Vice Minister of Culture, working with the poet Ernesto Cardenal, who served as Minister of Culture.