Stephanie Oswald
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In print, on the web, or on-air, Stephanie Oswald knows how to tell a travel story. As the editor-in-chief of travelgirl magazine, a web correspondent for The Weather Channel, and seasoned travel correspondent for CNN, she has reported on everything from stress-relieving spa treatments and unique escapes around the world to the human side of a hurricane. Oswald is a native New Yorker who spent 13 years as CNNís travel correspondent and host of CNN Travel Now. In 2003, she launched a series called The Weather Channel Road Crew.

At 35, Oswald transitioned from the world of network TV to become an entrepreneur determined to create a successful magazine, combining her writing and editing skills with her passion to travel. She co-founded travelgirl, the first national travel magazine to launch after the events of 9/11. Along with two business partners, she built the magazine to meet the needs of the female traveler. Now in its fourth year of publication, the magazine has a readership numbering over 300,000. Oswald has become a pro at wearing many hats: business owner and editor-in-chief of travelgirl, travel expert appearing on TV and radio, manager of the magazineís editorial team, website developer, teacher at a local university, and media consultant. This past fall she added another job title to the list: new mom to her daughter Taryn Jolie, who has already been on seven flights.

In her personal travels she has hiked the Inca Trail, spent time diving at the Great Barrier Reef, journeyed through India, and reached the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.