Nan Aron
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Nan Aron is president of the Alliance for Justice (AFJ) which she founded in 1979. This national association of public interest advocacy organizations brings together the resources and talents of the public interest community to address the critical issues affecting the advocacy community. AFJ offers workshops, technical assistance, and publications that encourage its organizations to participate in the public policy process through lobbying, initiatives, ballot measures, and election activities. AFJ’s Judicial Selection Project, which she founded in 1985, monitors the appointment process for Supreme Court justices and lower federal court judges. The First Monday Advocacy Program which she also founded educates young people in social justice activism.

Aron taught at Georgetown and George Washington University Law Schools and serves on the Dean's Advisory Council at American University's Washington College of Law. She was executive producer for award-winning films on the topics of immigration, courageous judges, and gun violence. Prior to founding AFJ, Aron was a staff attorney for the ACLU's National Prison Project where she challenged conditions in state prison systems. She has litigated race and sex discrimination cases against companies and unions in federal and district courts for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Aron is nationally recognized for her expertise in the federal judiciary, public interest law, and citizen participation in public policy. She authored Liberty and Justice for All: Public Interest Law in the 1980s and Beyond. She is a frequent guest speaker and has appeared as an expert in broadcast and print media.