Karambu Ringera
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Karambu Ringera is a mother, an educator, an academic, a grassroots organizer, an international speaker, peace trainer, and a peace proactivist. Over the past several years, she has been involved in peace training around the world. In August 2007 she participated in Oslo at a conference on the Greening of Africa. Her involvement in this event was a direct result of her participation in CWA in April 2007!

Ringera is running for a seat in the Kenyan Parliament, representing a district from which no woman has ever been a candidate. Her platform is "Education, Enterprise, Empowerment!" She wants to see improvements made in the areas of education, roads, irrigation, and health care for the people of North Imenti.

Ringera is the founder of International Peace Initiatives (IPI). IPI is a U.S.-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting grassroots organizations and their leaders in Africa. It supports initiatives that mitigate the effects of war, poverty, disease, and discrimination, particularly among women and children. Since 2002 the AIDS Orphan's Education Fund, one of six IPI programs, has sent 200 orphans and vulnerable children to primary and secondary schools, 2-year colleges, and universities. IPI has also been instrumental in forming many registered self-help groups (now with over 2,000 participants) that are transforming individuals and communities through social support and microenterprise.

Working with the people in Kenya has taught Ringera that engaged citizens can accomplish extraordinary things. She has dedicated her life to improving community conditions in Kenya and around the world.