Karambu Ringera
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Karambu Ringera, a native of Kenya, is the founder and president of International Peace Initiatives (IPI). IPI is a global network of individuals and organizations seeking innovative and alternative means of overcoming the devastation of disease, conflict, and poverty in the world today. Through IPI, Ringera works with grassroots womenís groups and individuals to create an environment in which the generative and creative forces in the community provide the energy to birth social change through self-empowerment.

In Kenya, IPI has launched an AIDS Orphans Education Fund. The fund is helping 145 children continue their education. Currently Ringera is also advocating for the development of community homes, as opposed to orphanages, for orphans in her country. These homes will be situated in the community where the child grew up and therefore will not separate the child from his/her home community. The first Amani (Peace) Community Home is being constructed in Meru, Kenya.

Ringera convened a Womenís International Grassroots Peace Congress in Nairobi Kenya in August 2005 to address the role of grassroots womenís peace building in Africa. This meeting attracted people from Africa, Asia, the Seychelles, Taiwan, Canada, and the U.S. The second IPI Womenís Grassroots Congress will be held in 2008.

Ringera is currently pursuing a PhD in human communication at the University of Denver and plans to be a peace and communication consultant and lecturer in Africa once she is through with her studies. She received a bachelor of education degree and postgraduate diploma in mass communication from the University of Nairobi, Kenya, a masters degree in media from Natal University, South Africa, and a master of theological studies from the Iliff School of Theology, Colorado.