Armand (Sheik) Richardson
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Armand (Sheik) Richardson was born in New Orleans, the son of a master sheet metal mechanic and a Red Cross nurse. Six of his ancestors fought at the Battle of New Orleans in 1814 and hes been fighting for New Orleans and civil rights all of his life. His great grandfather manufactured the flambeaux which have been carried in the night parades in New Orleans for over 100 years. He was national president of the Druids in 1930 and king of the Druids Parade. Richardson inherited not only the traditions of New Orleans, but also those of Ireland from which both his grandmothers came.

At the age of four he was given his first trumpet, a silver Conn, which he still has and plays on special days like Mardi Gras. Today Richardson plays the trumpet with Young Tuxedo, Treme, the Storyville Stompers, and his own band, the Gentilly Brass Band.

Richardson graduated from Loyola and Delgado, and attended Tulane graduate school. He served in the Marines as well as the Naval Reserves. He is a photographer and a forensic photographic expert. After Hurricane Katrina he used this expertise to investigate the causes of the flooding. Following the hurricane, he spent three days clearing a path to be able to get into the city. With the evidence that he and other investigators have uncovered, he travels the world demonstrating his belief that the Corps of Engineers was at fault. He is the founder and president of the Arabi Wrecking Krewe.