Nathan Johnson
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Nathan Johnson grew up in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains but quickly managed to escape to the nether regions of the earth – specifically, the south coast of England. While studying there, he immersed himself in the British music scene and only recently emerged to devote more time to performing and composing.

Favoring modified, homemade instrumentation over synthesizers, Johnson elicits melodies and beats from a variety of household implements. In 2005, he developed the “junkyard orchestra” that would become the signature of the critically acclaimed score for Brick, winner of the Sundance Award for Originality of Vision in 2005.

Johnson writes and directs for the international touring act The Cinematic Underground, and worked as a producer for a number of independent artists from the quirkier side of the tracks. He enjoys photography and graphic design. His shattered light bulb cover for the Fray’s debut platinum album How to Save a Life became one of the most recognizable album covers of 2006.

Johnson lectures on a wide range of topics including music, culture, learning styles, and religion. He currently divides his time between Europe and America.