Patrick Anderson
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Patrick Anderson is a writer who lives in Washington, D.C. He has published nine novels, four books of nonfiction, and many articles and reviews in national publications. For the past five years he has reviewed thrillers on a weekly basis for The Washington Post, and his recent book, The Triumph of the Thriller, grew out of that assignment. His other books of nonfiction include Electing Jimmy Carter, an account of his adventures as Carter’s speechwriter during the 1976 campaign.

In the 1960s, Anderson was a speechwriter in the Kennedy and Johnson administrations and in the 1990s he wrote for the Clinton administration. He has collaborated on books by such figures as Democratic Party leader Larry O’Brien, former U.S. Senators Warren Rudman and Edward Brooke, and Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. His novels include the bestselling political thriller The President’s Mistress and Lords of the Earth, which was set in his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.