Sam Bozzette
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Sam Bozzette has been involved in the HIV pandemic since the 1980ís as an infectious diseases physician, clinical and services researcher, and policy analyst. His research, which is widely quoted in the scientific literature and popular press, revolves around rationalizing care to improve outcomes. He is known for use of unusually broad techniques in his work, including exploiting experimental, primary, secondary, and modeled data in clinical, translational, outcomes, and health economic investigations.

More recently, Bozzette has been involved in preparedness for and management of a broader range of microbial threats, such as smallpox and pandemic influenza. As part of this work, he co-directs a summer program in Public Policy and Biologic Threats at the University of California San Diego, where he maintains a professorial appointment despite having moved his base to the RAND Corporation. He is also involved in teaching clinical skills and research methods, and service on many expert committees and panels.