Jensine Larsen
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When Jensine (Yen-See Nah) Larsen was inspired to start a magazine covering world issues from a woman’s angle at the age of 28, after many years working as a freelance journalist covering indigenous movements and ethnic cleansing in South America and Southeast Asia. A woman who thrives on discussing local, national, and international politics, Larsen became acutely aware that women's vital perspectives and innovative ideas were too often missing in contemporary news sources. Since starting World Pulse nearly two years ago with just a vision and no prior publishing experience, Larsen now boasts a dedicated staff, board of directors, dozens of pro bono professional advisors, a supporting network of international women's and youth organizations, women and youth writers from around the world, and endorsements from women luminaries and visionaries.

Larsen holds a degree in comparative international studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her writing has been published in the Thai and U.S. press, including The Nation, The Progressive, The Sojourner, and academic journals such as The Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars.

In addition to her editorial and publishing work, Larsen has an 8 year healing practice and is an accomplished healing bodyworker. Larsen currently lives in Portland, Oregon