Jim Emerson
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Jim Emerson is a writer and film critic with experience in nearly every aspect of making and watching movies, including screenwriting (and re-writing and re-writing), production, editing, exhibition, marketing, publishing features, interviews and criticism, and academic study. He is the founding editor-in-chief of, and a contributor to, RogerEbert.com, where he has a blog called Scanners (after the David Cronenberg movie).

Emerson was the editor of the late Microsoft Cinemania, a multimedia movie encyclopedia on CD-ROM and the web, and he has been the editorial director of other massive film-related internet projects, such as Reel.com and FilmPix.com. A member of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (while based in L.A. as the movie critic for the Orange County Register), he has written for many on- and off-line outlets, including Knight-Ridder, The Seattle Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Sun-Times, Film Comment, The Rocket, the Seattle Weekly, MSN Movies, Amazon.com, CinePad.com, Premiere, and NPR affiliate KUOW.

He is also the co-author (with his friend and sometime writing partner Julia Sweeney) of the play and screenplay Meaís Big Apology and the film Itís Pat: The Movie and was a guest writer for Saturday Night Live in 1994. He is an extra special creative consultant for Julia's acclaimed stage monologue (and eventual film), Letting Go of God. Emerson has programmed loads of films and series for the likes of Seattle's Market Theater, the University of Washington, the Seattle International Film Festival (1982 to 1987), and the Floating Film Festival (1998 to present).

He lives with his dogs Frances and Edith in Seattle.