Sidney Perkowitz
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Sidney Perkowitz always wanted to be a research scientist and spent a long career doing just that, first in industry and then in the physics department at Emory University. But writing was a second love, and midway through his research career, he moved out of the laboratory to sit in front of a computer and write.

His writing is aimed at science groupies, regular people who love the ideas of science but not the details. His first book Empire of Light combines the science of light with artistic views of light. His second book Universal Foam presents foam as a universal principle, from the quantum level to the cosmic level. His latest book Digital People describes robots, androids, and bionic people in both myth and fantasy and as they really are. These books have been translated into six languages and Braille. He also lectures about science.

Perkowitz has written the stage works Albert and Isadora, Friedmann’s Balloon, and Glory Enough, which have been presented in Atlanta, Chicago, and New York. Despite the bad moment when no one except the publicist showed up for his very first book reading, he has never regretted switching careers, and he ranks the moment when he first took a bow on stage as a playwright as the high point of his life. Perkowitz is currently working on a book called Hollywood Science about how science and scientists are treated—and mistreated—in the movies.