Chip Berlet
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Chip Berlet, an investigative journalist and photographer, has been documenting social and political movements that undermine human rights since the 1960s. Nevertheless, he claims both sanity and optimism. Berlet's byline has appeared in scores of publications, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Progressive, and Amnesty Now. He has been a guest expert on ABC's Nightline, The Today Show, NPR's All Things Considered, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, and many other radio and television programs. From 1981 to 2001, he was senior analyst at the progressive think tank Political Research Associates. He currently coordinates the online Building Human Rights Network and Social Movement Study Network.

Berlet participated in the 1960s civil rights movement and was arrested in a nonviolent protest against the war in Vietnam. He served on the board of the Underground Press Syndicate and was Washington correspondent for High Times magazine. He juggles being both a progressive Christian and democratic socialist. Today, Berlet writes scholarly articles on right-wing social movements including coauthoring the "Neo-Nazism" entry in the Encyclopedia Judaica.

Berlet has received awards for his work on behalf of human rights and against racism and bigotry. His critics call him a Stalinist, a CIA agent, a "sewer creature," and a "slimy character assassin." Berlet claims the first two are false and defamatory, but the last two are protected by the First Amendment. He is a vice-president of the Defending Dissent Foundation and an ACLU member.