Robbie Allen
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Robbie Allen is a technical leader at Cisco Systems where he has worked for the last nine years in information technology and customer advocacy. He led the development of several enterprise management applications and the deployment of various IT infrastructure services. Prior to Cisco, he worked at IBM in the networking hardware division and at Lucent Technologies at a computer board manufacturing facility.

In June 2006, Allen will graduate with master's degrees in engineering management and information technology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has enjoyed the entrepreneurial environment of MIT and his role as advisor to three startups.

A North Carolina native, Allen’s “hobbies” include writing books, blogging, spending too much time online, and not spending enough time playing the piano. He authored and co-authored eight books and has been the technical editor for seven others. He is currently exploring the intersection of print and internet publishing and opportunities to combine the two. Allen maintains three blogs on topics ranging from his experiences at MIT to his favorite college basketball team.