Ronald Wixman
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Ronald Wixman has taught in the Geography Department at the University of Oregon for the past 30 years on issues of culture, ethnicity, religion, and nationalism. He specializes in multi-culturalism on a global as well as regional scale and on the politics involved in these issues. Wixman has done a great deal of personal research and has traveled widely. Among the most interesting of these activities he has lived in villages and studied the cultures of the peoples in the Balkans; has traveled with and interviewed mujahedeen fighters and leaders during the Afghan-Soviet War; has traveled extensively in the Middle East, where he researched issues of inter-communal relations related to ethnicity and religion; has lived and studied in the Soviet Union; and has done research in East, South, and Southeast Asia.

Among his numerous accomplishments, Wixman has written two books, The Peoples of the USSR: An Ethnographic Handbook and Language Aspects of Ethnic Patterns and Processes in the North Caucasus, as well as many articles on Soviet nationality policy. He also has been a consultant with a number of American and foreign government offices dealing with ethnic and religious conflict, and has lectured at many universities around the world. Currently, Wixman leads and lectures on tours all over the globe.