Fintan R. Steele
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Fintan Steele spends most of his time divining what the future of medicine looks like in the postgenomic era. He is the executive vice president for Life Sciences and Molecular Medicine for the strategic communications consulting firm Feinstein Kean Healthcare, working with government, academic, biotech, and advocacy organizations to help them imagine themselves as part of that future.

Happily married (legally in Massachusetts!) to his long-suffering and sweet southern husband, Scott Beard, Steele has been a molecular biologist, a Benedictine monk and priest, an editor for Nature and other scientific publications, director of communications for Novartis Institutes and for the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, and an aerobics teacher until his joints and spinal discs demanded he act his age. He has written and published a variety of articles, etc.—some of them good—around all those experiences.

Steele and Beard are proud adoptive parents of three slightly odd Cornish Rex cats and live in Medford, MA, home of Amelia Earhart and "Jingle Bells."