Shamako D. Noble
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Hip hop artist, Shamako Noble is a co-founder and current president of Hip Hop Congress (HHC), a San Francisco-based, grassroots network that seeks to empower, educate, and unite individuals through hip hop. It has over 30 chapters nation-wide and works with emcees, graff artist, dj's, and dancers. He is also the director of the H2Ed program for the Hip Hop Association, which uses education, media, and leadership to preserve and develop the hip hop culture. Before moving into those two positions, Noble worked as a community outreach and development director for a youth center in Menlo Park.

Noble is involved in culture, industry, education, and politics. He advocates for the use of hip hop and other educational alternatives in an effort to make education more relevant and appealing to youths across the nation who are suffering from increased dropout rates. He also works with R.E.F.U.G.E. (Real Education for Urban Growth Enterprises), which specializes in using urban arts to teach life skills, leadership, and culture. He is a firm believer in civic engagement and social responsibility, as well as the power inherent in all cultures and spiritualities.

As a performing artis, Noble recently released his first solo album The Return of the Coming of the Aftermath and is currently working on a second album. He is 26 years old and has twin boys named Amir and Shamar.