Simon Hoggart
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Simon Hoggart is a long-time and frequent visitor to the Conference on World Affairs. Originally he was housed by the late and hugely lamented Howard Higman, an experience that left him scarred for life, yet strangely uplifted. He writes a daily humorous political column for The Guardian of London, writes about wine and television for The Spectator of London, and until March this year chaired the popular BBC network radio show The News Quiz.

Hoggart is the author of several books, including America—A User’s Guide and Bizarre Beliefs, a skeptical examination of paranormal claims. His most recent books, based on the boastful Christmas newsletters people mail each other, were not best-sellers in Britain, but were certainly okay-sellers and enabled him to buy shoes for his children. He is now working on a compendium of the emails kids send their terrified parents from around the world, provisionally titled Don’t Tell Mum. Hoggart has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Republic and has frequently appeared on ABC, CBS, and NBC news, sometimes back in the days when people watched them.